Hello There

I'm Eduardo Reyes

I have a passion for creating and an eye for detail

About Me

Hi! My name is Eduardo, I'm a frontend developer and UI/UX designer. I have a passion for crafting ideas and creative concepts into working sites.

I can create responsive and intuitive websites using front end tools and backend services. I can work the full stack of web development but like to focus on frontend as it fuels my creative sweet tooth.

When I am not at my desk or developing my skills I enjoy watching F1 and improving my driving skills behind a remote.

My Skills

I strive to develop websites that are intuitive and responsive. Ensuring that I follow best practices while delivering a great design and user experience experience.

Staying curious has allowed me to curate my skills for web development, and I look forward to further improving my skill set by collaborating with other developers and designers.


Create user friendly designs that are easy to navigate.

Able to create mockup using the wireframe and prototype to display navigation and interaction.

Wireframe | Prototype

Ability to create wireframes to show the layout of website for desktop and mobile devices.

Create Prototypes to visualize interactions.

Web Development

Create web sites that are mobile friendly and visually appealing.

Aim to increase online presence and help build audience by crafting a website that user can use to view business or product and make it easier to reach out and connect with.


My Work


Reach Out

(832) 599 - 1381